Monday, 1 February 2010

Zygors Guide Review - Review of the Famous Zygor Leveling Guide

A lot of World of Warcraft gamers think that leveling their character is difficult; Well they're right! In Warcraft, it could take days or weeks to get to level 70. Many of leveling guides out there claim to be able to get your character to level 70 or 80 very quickly. From these guides only a few would rise to the top of the pile. I will tell you that one of the most popular of these is the Zygors Leveling Guide.

Zygors Guide is Grinding Free!

So why is Zygor's Guide so popular? Well it is completely grinding free. It shows you the fastest leveling way through quests. With many guides you have to open them and keep hitting 'alt-tab' to minimize the game and read the next part before playing it. This becomes a pain in the neck after only a short time of game-playing. However, a guide for Warcraft is simply just needed if you want to get anywhere in the game in a reasonable length of time. I think there is also another way to go if you don't like the 'Alt-Tab' route. The Zygors Guide actually 100% integrates into the WoW game play itself. There will be completely no Atl-Tabbing required with Zygor's guide. This saves you so much time while playing and makes the game more enjoyable as it should be.

Both Factions are covered in just one Guide!

The Zygor Guide also includes some very informative information into both Alliance and Horde quests and characters. What I mean is, this guide will supply you with neat little start-up guides to get you on your way to setting a plan of action for your character and the quests your character will take on. It also doesn't even matter which of the Factions you choose; the Zygor guide will have you covered for both. The guide is extremely effective because it has 'walkthrough' style information. Having a guide like this mean you will never be wandering around in the game confused as to what you should be doing next. Warcraft can be a very difficult game to master, but with a powerful guide like this you may not even notice.

Last Words for the Zygors Leveling Guide

Remembering what is in this guide is key to helping yourself and your character. This guide is really the only one I've seen that stands to it's reputation in every sense, so it is important to not get fooled by the others out there. The gaming community has almost nothing but positive reviews for this guide. Warcraft fans really do seem to be taking to guides like this in order to improve their character and professions leveling time. Get this Zygor guide settle in and start leveling now!

Friday, 22 January 2010

World of Warcraft Leveling & Profession Help - What You Should Know About WoW Guides

World of Warcraft is considered to be the #1 online game in the entire world. Right now, more than 11 million players subscribe and play on a regular basis. Many of those players are highly competitive, to say the least, and desire to dominate WoW in every way they possibly can. If you want to level up in no time at all and earn tons of gold, then you need a good guide. There are many helpful guides on power leveling, how to make gold, profession leveling, Raiding and Dungeon domination, and so on. If you want the elite weaponry, armor, and gear for your character(s), you will have to remain 1 step ahead of your competition.

Some naive players make the error of purchasing gold or paying for power leveling services on the internet. This plainly is a very poor idea. This not only goes against Blizzards rules, but it can be very dangerous. Many sites that offer these services are sadly nothing more than cons. They will steal a player's account and even their money. Even if they do not, the player's account will end up banned in any event.

Hence, is there any better answer? The answer lies with WoW guides. More than just ebooks, but fully featured, correlative guides that offer in game support. There are some that follow the rules and do not go against any policies. If you wish to level up your character and get all the gold you can, you truly need to get yourself the greatest World of Warcraft guide possible.

So, what's the most satisfactory WoW guide? Well, it reckons on what you're looking for. Some, including Joana's Horde Guide, are solely for one faction. Some can be for either, depending on your own personal preferences. There are 2 choices of Zygor WoW guides, for example: 1 is for the Horde and one for the Alliance. Other guide packages provide comprehensive walkthroughs and secrets for both factions, which is a good thing if you've more than one character.

True, there are a lot of free guides on the net, but all of them only provide common knowledge and so called "tips" that everyone understands. If you really want the real World of Warcraft secrets, then you have to do a little bit of research to find the number 1 WoW guides. Then, and only then, will you have all the secrets you need for power leveling, making gold, and thriving at the battlegrounds! If you don't think you'll have enough patience, you'll be grateful to know that some of the greatest guides will give all the shortcuts needed for being an elite player! Read testimonials before choosing which guide you want to order and watch videos of other players leveling quickly as a result of having the WoW guide!